Soccer Cards

Odds and Sets Soccer Cards has soccer trading cards from around the world, and dating from the early 1900s through 2010, in it's inventory.  Soccer trading cards come in many different formats, including the traditional trade card, with a picture on the front and sometimes the back of the card, and text information about the subject matter somewhere on the card.  Some manufacturers over the years have released issues intended to be part of a card game.  Game cards still typically have pictures and subject matter information, but most often have added features on the card front or back, specifically designed for the games purposes.  These game cards and game card sets are still considered very collectible (please see 2003 Upper Deck Manchester United 'Strike Force').  In the early days of soccer trade cards, cards where often issued in the UK and other soccer nations, in packets of cigarettes or gum.  These tobacco or gum cards are not usually the same standard size that we have become accustomed to today.  In almost new or 'Near Mint' to 'Mint' condition, these vintage cards are highly sought after.  Lower grades of these issues are still collectible, but lease value is placed on them by collectors.  In modern days, in places like Mexico, there have been soccer trade card issues within the packaging of loaves of bread.  Bimbo bakeries (Grupo Bimbo), a major sponsor of numerous teams in the Mexican leagues, is famous for their sought after and hard to find issues.

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