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2010 World Football (series II)

2010 Futera World Football (series II)
Complete Set (401-750) - $40.00 plus shipping
standard singles starting at .25
standard 'Ruby' parallel singles starting at $1.25

This set of World Football cards is the second part of a two part series.  The complete set of 750 cards is packed full of the best footballers from around the World.  All players are pictured in the National team uniforms, thus they all have competed for their National team at some level in their career.  The major footballing nations and the minoes are represented in this issue.  Series two was released in 2010 and there are many great insert or chase cards available to collect.  There is a 'Ruby' foil parallel set of cards issued and these cards could be found in unopened packets at a rate of 3:2.  These cards have 'Ruby' colored foil where the regular gold colored foil is on the standard base cards and every single card (401-750) appears in this parallel set.  If you are looking for a set with footballers from all over the World, then this is the set for your collection!