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1996 Gold Collection European Championship England Stars

This set was issued in England prior to the kickoff of Euro '96, held in England.  Alan Shearer was hot, leading the tournament with five goals and England was knocked out by eventual Champions, Germany, in Kicks from the Mark 1-1 (6-5).  The set consists of 45 total cards, two (2) cards of each of the twenty-one (21) players that were speculated to be in the team, a Managers card, an Squad (photo) card and an 'Index' card.  It should be noted that not every player that is in this set actually played for England in this tournament, for instance Robbie Fowler made a couple of appearances for England at Euro '96 but did not make it into this set.  Please see the checklist that I have created for this set and feel free to download it for your own use.

Complete sets are $12.00 each (1-44 and Index card)

Single cards are .25¢ each

Unopened Packets are $3.00 each

Troy Maxcy,
Jul 28, 2010, 9:33 PM