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1998 Chilean National Team

The 1998 Chilean National Team set consists of 48 cards, produced by the late Chilean sticker and card company Salo, leading up to FIFA World Cup France '98.  This set features 20 cards of the projected Chilean squad for France '98, including Tapia, Goldberg, Salas and Zamorano.  The other 28 cards in this set feature qualifying match ups from around the world.  It is interesting to note that some of this biggest players at the time were featured in this set, but not on their own cards.  Salo got away with including them in the set by editorializing about the games that they played in for their National teams.  You will find Shearer, Ronaldo, Gascoigne, Cobi Jones, Leonardo, Chilavert and more in this set through these match editorial cards.

Salo did not exactly do the best job of quality control.  The cards are not often well centered or cut in equal size.  Odds and Sets Soccer Cards will always attempt to send you the best quality card that we have in stock.  If the only card that Odds and Sets Soccer Cards has in stock is of poor quality, the price will not be the same as for a card in top quality.  We will notify you of the condition of the card available for your order.  There will be a premium price charged for top quality cards from this set.

Complete Sets - $19.99

Standard Single Cards - .25¢ each

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Jul 29, 2010, 10:08 PM