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2005 Topps England (Japan)

This issue from Topps was package for distribution in Japan, but all text on the cards is in English.  The set features players on the then current squad for England, working toward FIFA World Cup Germany '06.  The cards are standard size for trade cards and are printed on quality card stock, not a thin game card type of stock.  There are 100 cards in the complete 'base' card set, with several inserts available, including; 'Key Players' (10), four different autographed cards (Wayne Bridge & Peter Shilton Authentic Autograph card available below) and two different 'materials' or game used equipment cards.  This is a great set for England fans world wide.

(Steven Gerrard base card)
Complete 'base' card sets = $20.00
Loose singles = begin at  .20¢

(David Beckham 'Key Player' card)
'Key Players' inserts sets = $50.00
'Key Players' insert singles:
S1 Paul Robinson - $5.00
S2 Gary Neville - $5.00
S3 Ashley Cole - $5.00
S4 Rio Ferdinand - $5.00
S5 David Beckham - $10.00
S6 Steven Gerrard - $7.50
S7 Frank Lampard - $7.50
S8 Joe Cole - $5.00
S9 Wayne Rooney - $10.00
S10 Michael Owen - $5.00

(Wayne Bridge Authentic Autograph card)
Wayne Bridge Autograph Card = $20.00

(Peter Shilton Authentic Autograph card)
Peter Shilton Autograph Card = $40.00