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Dos en Uno

Dos en Uno is a company that produced soccer related gum and confections in Chile.  Dos en Uno produced gum and other confections since the 1962, more specifically since FIFA World Cup Chile '62 and on a regular basis the company has released product with soccer player/footballer stickers included in the packet of gum.  Odds and Sets Soccer Cards is fortunate enough to have in stock Dos en Uno Chicle Futbolista.  Chicle Futbolista is a 50 sticker set of the top Chilean League players.  The stickers have caricatures of the soccer players on the front of the sticker with the players name included as well.  These stickers were no doubt intended to be stuck in to an album for collecting the entire set.  The Chicle Futbolista stickers from Dos en Uno in Odds and Sets Soccer Cards inventory are from around 1998.


It should be noted that Odds and Sets Soccer Cards has seen evidence of a 1994 FIFA World Cup USA '94 set of gum stickers from Dos en Uno.