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1999 Salo Copa America '99 Album Stickers

Complete Base Sticker Set (1-191) - SOLD OUT $49.99
Standard single stickers (1-191) starting at .25
¢ each

Patch insert stickers (8 different) starting at $1.00 each
SaloMania (pull tab) card - $1.00 each
Puzzle Stickers - $1.00 each
Foil Country Flag stickers - $1.00 each
Available - A, D, H and L


Salo Copa America '99 Album Stickers - Packet (front and back)
'Este Sobre Contiene 4 A 5 Elementos' (This envelope contains 4 to 5 elements (or stickers in this case))

Salo Copa America '99 Album Stickers - 'Patch'stickers (9 different)
'Pien salo y Actua' (Think about it and act)

Salo Copa America '99 Album Stickers - 'Salomania' Pull Tab card
(interesting that the back says 'Made in U.S.A.')

Salo Copa America '99 Album Stickers - 'Lamina Comodin' (Wildcard sticker)
(This sticker would be kind of filler in your sticker album.  I am not sure why, but the back of the sticker says you would use up to three of these to fill out your album collection.)

For Copa America '99, Salo and Telivisa released an album sticker collection featuring all twelve participants of the tournament, including guests Japan (first from outside of the Americas) and Mexico.  There are 191 stickers in the regular set, as well as a 'Salomania' Pull Tab card, 'Think about it and act' sticker patches, a sticker puzzle (un-numbered) and country flag stickers (numbered A-H).  Some of these items are easier to find in packets than others, for instance the pull rate of the country flag stickers is tough.
The big stars of the world as well as the tournament are present in this set of stickers as well.  You will find; Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Zamorano, Blanco, Jorge Campos, Pavel Pardo, Hernandez, Santa Cruz, Zanetti and many more.  Of note for MLS fans, there are several present and former MLS players in this set, including; Luiz Hernandez, Jamie Moreno, Marco Etcheverry, Farid Mondragon, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Jorge Campos, Carlos Valderrama and more.
Odds and Sets Soccer Cards hopes to compile a checklist for this set and have it posted at 1999 Salo Copa America Albums Stickers